Strategy Improvement Consulting

Finding the right parameters that will give an edge to your strategy that could take you years,

Now you can get help from an experienced Algorithmic trader to take your algo strategy to the next level.

Strategy Improvement Consulting

Custom Applications Design

Custom applications like trading algorithms, monitoring software, or risk management tools can be designed in python or C# progamming language.

Optimized Trading Platform

In day trading, rapidity of execution is one of the key to profit,

with our platform, you can manage up to 10 accounts simultaneously while enjoying the most powerful features missing on most of the trading platforms.

Trading Signals

Analyzing the markets and wait for the right configurations is a real-time consuming duty, resulting often in boredom trades.

With our Trading Algorithms, the trader can now focus on execution instead of spending long hours analyzing the markets resulting in more focus when it comes to managing the trade efficiently.

Algorithmic programming services

Algorithmic trading represents nowadays almost 80% of the total volume of Forex trading.

Algo is fast, smart, and able to analyze thousands of parameters.

Risk Manager

Risk Management is what separates professionals traders from amateurs.

An automated Risk Manager will provide considerable help to the trader to respect his trading plan by avoiding large losses.

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Mr. Technologies is a team of traders and quant developers dedicated to providing their clients consulting services in algorithmic programming.