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review forex brokers

For a trader the broker is the key partner in his activity, choosing the Right Forex Broker can make a huge difference on the trading results. Differentiate the best forex brokers with professional criteria needs extensive market experience. The Top Forex Brokers 2019 have been thoroughly analyzed in this review.

Private Forex Coaching with a Results Coach

private forex coach

Too often online training programs do not keep their promises, realistically we can’t become a trader in few webinars or by watching videos as we can’t become surgeon or chartered accountant in 6 months.. A dedicated Private Forex coach will teach you all you need to know about Forex Trading and help you to develop your trading skills and knowledge. Your dedicated coach will help you to acquire the right routines/ automatisms essential in trading like in any other high level discipline. A Private Forex coach will help to reach a professional level that will ensure your long term profitability

Cheapest Forex Brokerage Offer 

Studies shows that brokerage fees have a huge on impact on the Forex trader’s performance, the less you will spend on trading commissions, the easier it will be to be profitable in your forex trading activity .While beginners tend to neglect this aspect, experienced traders will always look for the best trading conditions. We’ve negotiated for our clients the best brokerage deal ever with the only direct Forex marketplace, the London Multi Asset Exchange .

  Algo programming services & consulting

trading robot

In 2000 there were 600 stock traders at Goldman Sachs,  today there are only 2 traders left. Algorithmic trading represents nowadays almost 80% of total volume of Forex trading. Algos are fast, smart and able to analyze thousands of parameters within seconds, they will work 24/7 and will execute your trading plan without any deviation. Our talented engineers can help you to  automate your Forex trading  strategies.

 Professional trading tools

risk manager forex

90 % of retails Forex traders are consistently losing money. Traders tend to forget that on the Forex market they are in competition with the most brilliant minds on the planet, working for banks or hedge funds with almost unlimited means! Trading is an art that requires an optimal preparation to be able to compete with the top players. MR Technologies has developed proprietary Forex Trading Tools that will provide you a considerable edge .

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