You will easily find dozens of “online trading mentors” who will promise you to become a Professional Forex Trader in 1 or 2 months with video trainings or online webinars.

But what is a reasonable needed duration to become a professional trader?

It all depends on what do you want to achieve :

do you want to know everything about the markets ? Or you just want to know what is necessary to be able to make money ? 

1.If you want to know everything about the markets :

The real question is: how long time can you dedicate to your training on a daily basis?

To know everything about the markets ; it will require time and a real commitment.
If you have a full time job, you won’t be able to dedicate as much time as someone who is totally free, it will have an impact on the required time to start to become good.
Realistically, 1 or 2 years of intensive work will be needed to master the dynamics of the markets.

Be intelligent, the markets won’t disappear; the most important is to have a long term vision, if you reach your goal is 5 or even 10 years; it’s fantastic! To succeed you need a vision, but also a plan, with this plan you need to ensure your security, like having a risk management software ( check out our solutions here ), think about the case if the worst scenario realizes what would you do, and if this scenario doesn’t put you in a difficult situation.
If you have a good capital it’s different, if you have enough to live for 1 year without earning any income, you will be able to be totally dedicated.

Look at Mark Weinstein example , a true success story in the American style: he began working as a damned to build a capital of $ 20,000. Realizing that his beginnings in trading were naive, he began to seriously study the markets and developed a rigorous methodology based on technical analysis by combining several methods. Determined and ready to work hard, he exiles totally, hangs graphics on the walls of his apartment. After three years, he realizes a gain of 1 million dollars, a performance of 5000%!

Determination and motivation will be the main keys, you will need to be realistic and give yourself the means to succeed.

Isn’t another way , like a shortcut to being able to make money faster ? 

YES, there is a simple way, and it’s quite logical, instead of trying to learn the whole dynamics of markets like most of the beginners do (what would take years), you can focus on learning to use one single pattern. At BestDayTradingPlatform , this is what we teach; usually, in 10 to 20 hours of 1&1 coaching, the student acquired enough knowledge to know what to do when the pattern appears in order to take advantage of it, combined with the alerts solutions we provide, this is the most efficient way to make profit with the technology ( our algorithms analyze the market and send an alert when the specific patterns appears) while not spending long, tiring hours in front of the monitors, and being safe, protected by our risk management solutions.

In conclusion :

Depending if your goal is to be an expert on the markets , that is able to make money in any type of markets ( that will require years of intensive practice)

or if your goal is to  wisely invest your time and money to maximize profits with the help of the technology the path will be totally different , in term of cost and time involved.