stop forex online courses scam

90% of students enrolling Forex Online Courses Fails.

Why ? 

The 1st cause of this failure is the lack of personalized follow up from the coach:

On the webinar from a forex online course you will have to wait long hours to ask your questions to your coach, that be will quickly answered because 20 other students are waiting in line 

> A Personalized Forex coach will be 100% dedicated to your learning process only, and will be available to answer all your questions immediately

2 ND reason:

Lack of commitment / accountability

>You can’t commit to a video a pdf or an online webinar

A personal forex coach will trigger the commitment in by making you accountable of your progress to another individual

A personal forex coach will become a trusted friend who wants and expects the best from you and will challenge you to perform at your best. Doing so, you’ll form a unique mentoring relationship with your personal coach. He will be able to provide you with objective and impactful advice.

3 RD reason :

An Excessive “Training” Cost 

Online students pay for their training (in average) between 1500 to 9000 euros to enroll.

Arrived at the end of the “training”, they wasted a precious part of their trading capital.

  > A personal Forex coach will coach driven by passion, not for the money, the total cost of your training will be far less expensive than online forex courses